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Our mission is to give you access to nature’s toolbox so you can keep your body in peak health* using natural products.

Every person deserves to be healthy.

Our formulations provide targeted solutions to support a healthy system.

We want you to live your best life. Whether that’s building the business of your dreams or having enough confidence to meet friends and family for brunch, we’re right here with you.

We believe that people who feel great are great – and that benefits everyone and everything around them.




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Customer Reviews

I would like to thank you from all my heart for your supplement that was provided to Rabbi Samama, a shloch of Chabad in Strasburg. On Wednesday, 1st April, I contacted you, while the Rabbi was on his 14th day in the ICU, where he was currently being given oxygen support and IV antibiotics. 
Daniela Ovadia
Romema, Jerusalem

In a great devotion you rapidly sent us your product. On Friday the Rabbi’s condition got much better and the doctors cut his oxygen dosage in half. His immune system was working. Thanks G-d, today he’s in very good condition and he might get back home for the second holiday of Passover.
Thank you so much, have a happy and kosher holiday.

First and foremost, I believe our prayers were answered because Psalms 139 tells us “He knows all things about us…” He provided for the supplement to be in our area weeks before we needed them!!
I also believe the supplement enabled his body to provide immunity and strength.
Ricky & LaVern Sterling
Orange, TX
On Friday night my Husband woke with a squeezing pressure on his chest and two hours later, a high fever, dry cough, no appetite and diarrhea. A friend brought the supplement to us that afternoon, and he began taking them immediately. He maintained a high fever, up to 103, for four days. He had a continuous hard, hacking cough and diarrhea. He slept almost continuously. One day he had chills and shaking. He could barely sip soup or drink water to stay hydrated. I had to help him get from the bed to the bathroom. On the fourth day of using the pills, he had gone to sleep with fever of 103 F (same fever he’d had for the last four days, as mentioned above). When the fever broke, it was so strong that it woke him up, and he knew immediately that he was fever free. He took his temperature and it was 98.6. After four days on the pills his fever was gone! By the 7th day his diarrhea was also gone! It is now just over a week and he is still fatigued with some coughing, but when you maintain a high fever for four days, it’s expected. I believe God provided a miracle.
Since the catastrophic events of this year (2020) began, I have come under enormous pressure with what and how it will turn out. I must note that since I have been taking this supplement, I have mental calmness, a good mood, & physical strength much different from how I had been feeling. Highly recommended.
Daphne Cohen
Great Product!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Homeotreat's philosophy behind the products?

We strive to restore the world’s balance by creating holistic, natural, organic solutions to modern-day challenges that negatively effect our bodies, unlocking the secret restorative powers that G-d has provided in plants and nature. It is our mission to leave the world a better, healthier world than the one we were born into.

Why Homeotreat ?

Homeotreat’s products are designed to work to support healthy bodily functions.  A healthy functioning system gives your body a better ability to defend itself as well as ward off potential hazards.* Healthy systems promote a healthy body, and a healthy body feels better, looks better and allows you to focus on what most important, living your best life.*

On average how long does it take to ship?

With the current state of affairs, free shipping may take up to 10 days, however based on recent orders, standard shipping time within the Continental USA is about 4-6 days. Expedited shipping options will be available soon.

Can I sign up for auto-shipping ?

Homeotreat does not currently have an automatic sign up for monthly orders, however we can collect your name and contact information so when we do have it setup we can contact you to confirm signup and products you’d like to have on recurring orders.

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