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RENEW your Body

You can always find a great opportunity to adopt some new habits and get rid of old and harmful habits. When it comes to our body’s health, extreme and immediate changes can end in failure and a quick return to bad habits so it is always advisable to start slowly and change one problematic habit slowly or adopt another positive and healthy habit instead. We have put together some infamous habits that we are all familiar with. In the first stage, try to change even one habit and in time you will feel the positive effect on the body. Next, one can try to move on to more habits in moderation and with great patience of course.

Reduce caffeine

Excessive consumption of caffeine, which is found in high amounts in coffee, adversely affects the body. It raises cortisol levels, which increases feelings of stress and anxiety. It can raise blood pressure in the long run by stimulating it, can suppress appetite and impair proper nutrition and impairs the absorption of minerals in the body like calcium. It is recommended to reduce your coffee consumption by half, and ideally not to drink more than one cup of coffee each day.

reduce caffeine

Reduce sugary drinks 

In general, the consumption of sugar can harm various systems in our bodies. Excess sugar damages the liver, among other things, encourages overeating and causes obesity, encourages the formation of chronic infections and develops dependence and addiction very easily. Sweet drinks have high amounts of sugar, so it is recommended to reduce this habit as much as possible and if possible – also get rid of it completely. You should especially be wary of sugary drinks that impersonate healthy drinks. Read the list of ingredients patiently and replace the sugary drinks with natural and healthy juices.

Say goodbye to junk food 

Especially to foods you buy outside home. In particular, it is recommended to avoid foods that are deep-fried, high-sugar and empty carbohydrates such as flour. Along with these actions it is recommended to switch to a regular diet and meals routine. Once you get your body accustomed to a certain schedule, it will be much easier for it to make the most of the nutrients and lose weight. Beyond the obvious health benefits, in addition you will enjoy significant financial savings every month.

say goodbye to junk food

Switch to lean meat

The industrial meat that can be found in most food and butcher chains today lacks many essential nutrients, including minerals and vitamins of various kinds. Moreover, cooking and processing methods of meat such as roasting or BBQ results in accumulating harmful toxins capable of creating mutations in various cells in the body. It is recommended first and foremost to switch to lean meat and consume mainly chicken (preferably fat-free parts like breasts rather than fat-saturated wings) and fish. Reduce as much as possible in red meat and if you already choose to eat beef – choose parts like sirloin that are relatively lean, rather than the fatter parts like chunks of entrecote.

Replace the aluminum utensils with copper

Aluminum utensils, and especially disposable utensils, contain many harmful chemicals that are released into the food at high cooking temperatures. These chemicals cause heavy damage to the body and even push aside important minerals such as selenium that are essential for the efficient functioning of the brain and the refinement of cognitive abilities. Instead of aluminum utensils, it is recommended to switch to copper utensils and in any case carefully check the chemical composition of the product you are about to purchase before purchasing utensils. Many products bear unique markings that indicate that they are resistant to high heat, and even in cooking or baking there is no fear of releasing toxic substances.

Avoid heated honey

One of the best-known folk remedies in cases of colds or chills is tea with honey. Indeed, honey has many medicinal properties such as supporting the heart and cell signaling pathways. Honey is also believed to support inflammation and gastric juices, but when it is heated, such as when put in boiling tea, not only does it lose its virtues, but it also releases toxic chemicals that may harm the body. Avoiding heating honey in any way will ensure the preservation of its natural nutrient profile.

avoid heating honey to preserve the honey's natural nutrients

Choose quality sweets if you have to

Various products like ice creams and industrial snacks consist of a combination of different chemicals or are manufactured by different chemical processes. These foods are harmful to the body, and it is beyond the high sugar they contain (which, as we all know, is not healthy at all). However, consuming sugar and sweets in small servings is less harmful in the long run and if you do it in moderation there is definitely nothing wrong with enjoying sweets occasionally. However, it is advisable to always choose quality food products such as quality ice creams based on milk / cream, chocolate that contains a high concentration of cocoa and of course as little sugar as possible. At the same time remember that the various sugar substitutes are not the healthiest ingredients you can offer your body and the priority is always to enjoy sweet flavors from a natural source such as dates, honey or fruits.

Bottom line

As you can see, this is not a complex guide or an ascetic and difficult method to apply, but rather some harmful habits that we have all adapted over the years. It is advisable not to make drastic changes at once, as such a drastic change in habits can certainly create frustration and get you back to your starting position quickly. Instead, pick one habit that you feel will be easy to change and stick with it for a while. Once you feel the positive effect on your body, it will be much easier to move on and change more habits and adopt better new habits, for a much healthier life. Good luck!

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