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How to strengthen your immune system?

The immune system – in short and extensively

The immune system is the main defense mechanism of our body against external invaders like bacteria, viruses and fungi, or against internal failures of the body cells, the most prominent of which is the progression of cancer cells.

The most prominent feature of the immune system is its memory capacity. It serves as a kind of “sixth sense” of the body thanks to unique memory cells that know how to accurately identify the source of danger based on past cases, and activate the specific mechanism for protecting the body.

Our body’s immune system is considered one of the most complex systems in the human body and its defense mechanisms work in constant cooperation with many body organs (skin, nervous system, lymph and more).

Similarly, the mode of action of the immune system is complex, and it is mainly based on the stage of identification of the invader and the stage of reaction – activation of antibodies and mobilization of overall resources for the protection of the body.

Strengthening the immune system

What does a strong immune system mean? Why is it so important to maintain it? And how can it contribute to our daily health?

The immune system is the personal guardian of our body, so it is very important to maintain it and take care of its regular maintenance. Although the system is unique to each person, and is characterized by genetic components that constitute the private fingerprint of each of us and with whom we were born, this does not mean that we should not act constantly in order to strengthen it.

Over the years, many studies have shown that a strong immune system is the key to a healthy and balanced life. This means that as a “learning” and evolving system, each of us has the ability to influence his or her immune system. As a system with acquired traits, the immune system witnesses all the changes we go through during our lives: our health history, past illnesses, mental traumas and more.

In order to “educate” the system, we must be attentive to it and strengthen it at all times. This can be done in a variety of natural and easy ways that will help us maintain overall health and mitigate disease and other dangers.

How to strengthen the immune system?

The strength of your immune system is slightly affected by genetics and very much by your daily lifestyle and habits. Small changes can strengthen it and thereby contribute to your overall health. There are a variety of ways to support the immune system, and they involve a fundamental change in our daily routine.

Exercise to strengthen the body

Keeping fit and exercising regularly has been shown to be effective in maintaining the proper functioning of the immune system. Regular exercise encourages the immune system to produce dedicated defense cells, white blood cells (like T and B cells) that are responsible for a variety of healing processes in the immune system, and also antibodies.

Also, exercise is very important for maintaining proper blood pressure, cholesterol and weight and for calming the body and mind. All of these greatly affect the immune system, and if their normal values are not maintained, it can weaken and collapse in extreme situations.

exercise is good for your immune system

Proper nutrition: Foods to strengthen the body

Along with sports activities, it is also very important to maintain a balanced diet. The food we put into our bodies is the building block and the foundation for every process that happens to us in the body. From it we build the various systems and they are the ones that affect our daily functioning and the health of the immune system.

Every food we consume contains billions of bacteria and other nutrients such as vitamins that are responsible, among other things, for the functioning of the immune system and other systems on which it depends. They contribute to the re-production of antibodies, the function of the nervous system and the performance of the immune system, enable the existence of the good bacterial population in the digestive system and more.

In order to strengthen the immune system it is recommended to avoid eating foods high in fat and calories and processed foods, which can produce natural inflammatory reactions in the body and weaken the immune system or lead to acute autoimmune reactions.

It is also very important to be aware of consuming foods that stimulate the immune system, such as yogurt, fruits and vegetables that are rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, fish, nuts and other foods with antioxidants.

Vitamins to keep the body strong

Vitamins and minerals play a key role in maintaining the immune system. They serve as an influential and central factor in many processes related to the activity of the immune system, among them: maintaining a strong buffer environment between the environment and the skin, preventing the entry of invaders into the body, they affect the resistance of bacteria and viruses against the immune system, protect against destructive internal processes like cancer, And protect our body from the progression of normal inflammatory processes.

To support the immune system, it is recommended to consume foods rich in vitamins on a daily basis – a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, seeds from nature, legumes, whole grains, sprouts and nuts.

If there is a significant deficiency in vitamins, it is important to consume supplements or natural multivitamins depending on the dietary nutrient content deficiency.

Dietary supplements to help the immune system

The recommended supplements to strengthen the immune system can be in the form of capsules of vitamins or minerals. Healthy concentrations of Zinc and vitamin D contribute significantly to the strength of the immune system: they participate in the processes of building skin tissues, assist with the function of white blood cells, support reducing the incidences of some autoimmune diseases, cancers, and inflammatory processes.

Probiotics are a friendly composition of a very large variety of bacteria. These bacteria are essential for maintaining our health, as they participate in thousands of vital processes in the body, including the immune system.

Natural herbs and vitamins are also responsible for a variety of processes – supporting  autoimmune processes, encouraging normal reduction of inflammatory responses and helping the system deal with “enemies” and dangerous factors.

The product RENEW by Homeotreat contains natural and vitamin ingredients such as zinc, ginseng and organic European Elder. It is the ultimate solution that combines a variety of researched ingredients to support the immune system, create antibodies naturally and aid in dealing with various stresses.

renew homeotreat natural supplement

The immune system is the primary defense mechanism of our body. It protects us from microorganisms or external foreign factors. Likewise, the healthy immune system knows how to differentiate between cells from a foreign source and body cells that are not functioning properly (cancer cells for example). In doing so, in effect, it also prevents internal failures.

One example of its mechanism of action is in inflammatory conditions or external infection that usually led to a rise in body temperature. This is a sign that the immune system is working to raise antibodies, white blood cells and other resources to deal with the damage.

The system, which maintains our overall health from the moment we are born, has innate but also acquired characteristics. Therefore, although it is unique to each person, it is also greatly influenced by the lifestyle and health habits we have accumulated over the years.

The immune system is made up of billions of cells that take an active part in maintaining the proper and balanced functioning of all body systems. To protect the body it cooperates with organs like the skin, nervous system, lymph and bone marrow.

In parallel with working together with other body systems, it works by mobilizing internal resources such as enzymes (lysosomes, for example) to kill bacteria, antiviral proteins and phagocytes (macrophages) for the digestion and destruction of various microorganisms.

The immune system operates under the auspices of two main mechanisms: identification and response. Any signal of a poor factor invading the body, continues with the exact identification of that specific factor by the immune system and ends in a response of the release of proteins, pharynx, and antibodies that destroy the “invader”.

The proper and balanced functioning of our body depends a lot on the strength of our immune system. By supporting the immune system we can mitigate the development of diseases and involuntary internal processes, and sometimes even life-threatening. Since the immune system is linked to all the systems and organs in our body, it is very important to invest in strengthening – any defect or weakness will be manifested in its poor functioning of the body and harm to our health.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are key tools for keeping the immune system strong but are not always sufficient. The environment in which we live is not always friendly – air pollution, stress, processed and engineered food, radiation and many other factors can be harmful to our overall health and weaken the immune system.

As a flexible system with acquired properties, the immune system can be strengthened naturally during life in a variety of ways. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition combined with natural supplements along with regular exercise, we can maintain the health of the body and strengthen the immune system. In addition, investing in mental health, reducing stress and anxiety and maintaining hygiene, significantly affect the immune system as expanded in the article.

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