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Tips for adults for supporting the immune system

Over time and as we get older, our immune system naturally weakens and our body has a harder time dealing with various stresses. When older people get the flu, various complications can appear and the situation becomes more dangerous. (1) In this article before you we will explain to you how adults can strengthen the immune system and get through the winter in peace.

What happens to adults’ immune system?

In older people there is a decrease in the function of the body systems, including the immune system. There is routine wear and tear to the function of the blood cells, mucous membranes and cells of the skin that participate in protecting the body, and as a result the immune system might be  weakened. When the immune system is weak, the body is more vulnerable to infections, bacteria and viruses. That is why it is very important to nourish our body’s immune system and thereby reduce the potential risk of getting sick. (2)

All ways to strengthen the adult immune system

Sportive activity

Studies have found that regular exercise strengthens the immune system, while inactivity allows nature to take its course unobstructed . In a 2009 study published in the geriatrics journal JAGS, a comparison was made between older people who engaged in lung endurance exercise for ten months and older people who were inactive. The results of the study reported  that the active subjects enjoyed significantly higher protection against influenza compared to the subjects who did not engage in sports. (3)

getting some sportive activity is good for your body


There are various supplements that support the immune system. For example, the RENEW dietary supplement contains European Elder berry extract, American ginseng root extract, zinc and herbs such as andrographis and cedar. These components help support the immune system and along with physical distancing help reduce the spread and development of viruses and diseases. (4)

A balanced diet

It is very important to consume complex carbohydrates from whole grains like whole wheat bread, whole rice and quinoa. The complex carbohydrates increase the level of serotonin.. You should eat fish rich in omega 3 like salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines, consume unsaturated fats like olive oil, avocado and canola oil that contribute to the proper functioning of body systems. Also, be sure to eat low-fat dairy and meat products. These foods are rich in proteins that help create the white blood cells of the immune system. It is also important to consume vegetables and fruits in a variety of colors. Vegetables and fruits contain various vitamins that fight free radicals and thus support the immune system. (5)

Drinking plenty of fluids

It is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking a lot allows the immune system to function properly. Along with drinking water, you should also drink green tea. Green tea contains polyphenols (natural chemical compounds found in plant food sources) that have been known to help support the immune system. (5)

drink plenty of fluids


Vitamins and minerals

Consumption of vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin A helps strengthen the immune system. In addition, it is very important to consume a sufficient amount of minerals like zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium and copper. Vitamins and minerals can be consumed by eating foods that contain these ingredients or by taking supplements. (6)

In conclusion

The immune system in older people is more sensitive. As a result, the body may be vulnerable to various stresses. It is therefore very important to strengthen the immune system through exercise, proper nutrition, drinking plenty of water and taking the RENEW Dietary Supplement.

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