Nature’s wisdom redefined
Your ancestor’s knowledge, reformulated for the 21st century
feeling great in your body

You deserve to feel great in your body

Your body is incredible. Your heart beats 100,000 times a day and you take roughly 20,000 breaths. When you feel great, you don’t notice how hard your body is working.

It’s only when your body is struggling that you become aware of the work your immune system, your joints and your heart do for you.

You have too much going on to waste time with the energy sucking demands of illness and poor health.

This is why we have hand-crafted our supplements to make sure that your body has everything it needs to continue working at its best.

Leveraging science and nature

Homeotreat Lab combines the science of pharmacology with the knowledge of nature’s pantry to create new blends of herbs which are rich in vitamins.

Our master blender, Morris Aboohi, has over 35 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and health industries and headed Israel’s most successful natural and homeopathic lab for over 20 years.

As Homeotreat Founder and Lead Formulator, Morris brings the exclusivity of over 50 patented formulas not available to anyone else.

Blends sourced from mother nature

Here at Homeotreat, we believe that your body is self-healing and self -regulating when it has the strength it needs to perform.

This is the ethos Hometreat is built upon.

We develop specific blends that use vitamins and herbs to support a healthy system. We don’t want you on supplements for life, in support of ongoing health.

We believe that if you don’t give your body what it needs, then it can’t work the way it needs to to keep you in peak health.

Nature has the answers. And we are taking those plants gifted to us by Mother Nature and combining them using modern-day techniques to get the most out of nature’s wisdom.

Supporting Nature, Supporting You.

All our products are formulated with natural and plant-based ingredients.
We respect the Earth that brings us these nutritious gifts.

“Changing the world one person and one product at a time”

Morris Aboohi

Homeotreat Lab Founder & Lead Formulator


We may be new to the USA, but we’re certainly not new to creating amazing and effective natural health supplements.  

Homeotreat Lab has been creating targeted wellness solutions since 1997 at our home base in Israel.  

As word spread about our products, requests started streaming in from international truth seekers over the past several years…and then the world turned upside down.  

While everyone else moved into lockdown, we went to work to improve our most popular immune support blend.  The feedback from our global customers has been incredible, and we now see it as our responsibility to share this treasure with the world.

Learn more about RENEW here.

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